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this deadline day has been shit.


Let’s go home.

They don’t show them on TV here in the UK, so it was nice to catch up (albeit using US Netlfix).

Now I guess I’ll do to the old episodes what I do to the new ones. Download ‘em so nobody gets any money.

Sorry Lorne.

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just bought this on blu-ray, it’s been way too long since I’ve seen it.

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I just don’t get it. Even when Giroud was fit we desperately needed another striker. How are we sitting here with 4hours to go with basically next to nothing happening?

Don’t worry we’re getting Welbeck on Loan!!!! He’s gonna fix everything

Na i know, but to be honest, we ain’t gonna get what we need are we? Not today anyway. Unless wenger is a magician and grows world class defenders in his back garden

We’re not! Tbh all would be forgiven if we got varane but then again I really like chambers and he’s a better cb then a rb. We really need one more defender but he doesn’t have to be the greatest, a dm and striker are our main needs.

Theres always january… 😒

I’m over this day smh

I sort of expected it while not thinking we could actually be this stupid

I think we had a plan and then united got Falcao. But after looking how much they’re paying him, I’m kinda happy arsenal weren’t that stupid but we still need a World Cup caliber striker in our team for this year.

Yea thats just mental what utd are doing. No way wenger would have done that, thats stupid business right there. It’s just so fustrating that we have needed a striker for bloody years and yet here we are, 2 hours 55 mins and 29 seconds away from the deadline with jack

Yup! I feel like if we got him on loan it would be exactly what we needed to rejuvenate this squad but he always passes on legendary loans except for Henry. We had a chance to get vieira back on loan and we let him slip by and he literally went to man city and gave them a winning attitude and helped sculpt yaya into the player he is right now. Like imagine Falcao with Campbell, giroud and maybe even sanogo smh.

We won’t pay stupid wages thats why players won’t join. Not being funny but no footballer on this planet justifies £300.000 a week i don’t care if they score every 5 minutes

Nah it’s understandable! Even di Maria is getting 200k a week and even that’s way too much.

it could be worse you could have Soldado….

Nicholas Hoult is a very lucky guy.

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Falcao is set to join United on loan. Didn’t expect that at all.

Radamel Falcao: Man Utd agree loan move with Monaco - BBC Sport

Spurs might as well take wellbeck on loan then.