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As a fan of the 1990 movie I was going to avoid this on principal, but considering when I watched Expendables 2 they showed the first 5 minutes I was actually intrigued into where the story could go.

  • No they don’t go to Mars.
  • Yes there is a 3 breasted woman.
  • No Quaid has no witty one liners.
  • Yes he is called Douglas Quaid.

I don’t like the fact that this is a 12A, which is why Quaid is shooting at armies of robots rather than people. I don’t like how much the Colony looks like it’s from Blade Runner and the similarities between Minority Report (also starring Farell) and the car chase are also notable.

However the 1990 version has dated quite considerably, and this remake has at least got the SFX team working over time as it does look stunning. 

The original is still marginally better but this is certainly worth your time. 7/10


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