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You can take away my house.
All my tricks and toys.
One thing you can’t take away?
I am Iron Man.

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Original Sin #8 Variant by Jeun-Siik Ahn

The blackout and the new Robocop are all well aware of the living dead in the UK.
I don’t think I know that feeling of being a little bit more than happy.
The menus are laggy as fuck though the bus station is located on my ipad.

Horrortober: #11 | A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Whatever you do… don’t fall asleep.

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“Lemontree” by Thomas Herpich, from Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo.

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Laser Ghost, arcade.
Spooky GIFs all October at PixelClash!


Illustrations for Front Magazine’s Host with Most Feature

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BBC2 Idents Created for  Red Dwarf Night