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My other half makes extremely tasty cakes.

I'm a big fan of art even though I don't class myself as an artist.
I'm also a former Porn Addict... I have rehabbed well, but everytime I'm on Tumblr I may relapse.


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The year is 1998 and it is a period of galactic civil war. Scratch that. There’s no civil war. That would be crazy. However, the past fifteen years have been a dark time for Star Wars fans. But there is hope. A new Star Wars film is on the horizon. In 199 days, 3 hours, 33 minutes and 29 seconds the most anticipated movie of all time will be released. In the remote state of Ohio, two best friends and lifelong Star Wars fans have drifted apart. Little do they know that on Halloween night, their paths will cross again… Ever wonder why these words are flying? Maybe aliens in another galaxy will one day read this and think WTF? sent from my iPhone.

I thought it was a butt.

I thought it was a butt.


My Top 100 Movies 1970 - 1990.


They Live.


Still One Of My Favourite Techno CD’s. Any Old Skool Ravers On Tumblr?


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

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Not even a parody; this is literally the anti-vaccine movement.


Not even a parody; this is literally the anti-vaccine movement.

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Weapon of Choice

Created by Karl Tagle

Send me an ask with what year you think I was born in. If you’re right, I’ll follow you.

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