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I track the 'kynky' tag, so anything you want me to see or think might interest me, just add that tag. Cheers.

My other half makes extremely tasty cakes.

I'm a big fan of art even though I don't class myself as an artist.
I'm also a former Porn Addict... I have rehabbed well, but everytime I'm on Tumblr I may relapse.


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It’s a fairly entertaining bit of brainless revisionism, the cast work wonders with what is a pretty ropey script and sums up a movie that jumps entire decades when it runs out of character development. The horse throwing scene shouldn’t have gotten as many laughs as it did, Dominic Cooper & Rufus Sewell were the standouts, although Miss Winstead was not believable as an old woman in the slightest. 7/10

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