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nah. we sold him.

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Taken a screenshot of the league table as I might not see Tottenham at the top again for some time.

Premier League warns fans not to post Vine videos of goals online

Considering I reblog goal gifs, that is apparently going to be cracked down upon.


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I’m more surprised that Soldado is still at Tottenham, than the fact he’s just scored. A penalty of course.
2-2 with time still on the clock.

When Waddle misses (meaning Germany win and are through to the final) Lothar Matthaus, instead of rushing to celebrate with the rest of his team, goes up to Waddle, talks to him, walks with him and then speaks to the rest of the England players.

That’s why he will always be one of the greats, so much class.

I just want Germany to crush the winner and then Brazil can beat the loser and gain back a bit of pride.

um - behind you?

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