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It’s not even like you call the sport the right name.

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So the game I played as a kid in the 80’s is now online as a web based game. It’s not dated well, 8 year old me thought the game was pretty in depth but playing it today for the first time in 20+ years I was shocked to realise just how forced and how idealised it is.

If you ignore the fact that it’s a world without religion, war, gender and sexual binarism, and the ideal family seems to be 2 point 4 children then you might be able to waste a few hours on it.

Just don’t get in that strangers car.

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF (also available on Android & App Store)

*** let me know how you die ***

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Super Smash Time!

by Mike Vasquez | Purchase: $20

for more: Super Smash Bros. // Adventure Time

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Created by Jesús Alberto Garza López 

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The Last of Us Adventure Time by Greggory Metzler

10” X 16” Giclee print, numbered edition of 30. Available HERE.

Part of the “Press Start III Turbo Edition" art show, now on at Ltd Art Gallery / Tumblr

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I am so into LAST OF US right now, glad I waited for it on ps4.

*click* *click*


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