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Just found out one of my good friends didn’t know what a meme is.

In 2013.

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Never mind them what the fuck is a coachella?

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Yay My Submission is loved….

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Not as gutted as a lot of fans as Knife Party are making music that sounds like old school Pendulum. Tracks like Voyager, Trail Of Seven, Another Planet are a reason why they became my favourite group, but as they became more about the live music and singing their production skills left them. I mean anyone into DNB knows what a Pendulum kick drum sounds like, they’d use the same sample over and over.

I never got to see them as a band perform live, but I saw a handful of DJ shows, hopefully Knife Party won’t let me down when I see them in a few weeks.

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British problems

I wear shorts, but then when it comes to leaving the house I’ll put some jeans on.