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For those that don’t know, I curate the popular STRICTLY BASS playlist series on Spotify. This month marks 4 years since the very first edition and as well as making a BEST OF playlist I also thought it would be time to make a master-post (with a knock off festival flyer to boot)

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Eddie K – Immortal
Badklaat – Empire - ENiGMA Dubz Remix
Moth – Heretic - Original Mix
Helicopter Showdown – Drippin’ - Original Mix
Brickstarr – Headrush - VIP
Algoreythm – Biomimetic
Alpha Bit – The Jungle (Badklaat Remix)
Dexcite – Adrena Lines - Original Mix
Tim Ismag – Something Dead
Borgore – Wild Out (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige) - Must Die! Remix
Quba – Drunk Robot
Kaosa – Show Me - Original Mix
Brass Monkey – Next Test - AFK Remix
Document One – Funk Yeah
Apex – Nowhere to Run - Datsik & Excision Remix
Tristam – Till It’s Over
Timeline – Drugs - Original Mix
Fractal – Elements
SubVibe – Wash It Away - Original Mix
Astronaut – Rain (MitiS Remix)
ABDUKT – After Hours - Original Mix
Insan3lik3 – Feel Alive (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Crywolf – The Moon Is Falling Down
Breezer – Vicious - Original Mix
Rameses B – Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm)
Nishin Verdiano – Bitch Please - Original Mix
Sikdope – Hello - Original
J Zombie – Check Your Body - Original Mix
Subshock – Turn Up The Bass - Original Mix
Designer Drugs – The Drugs Are In Control - Original Mix
Ill Skillz – Red Clay
Savoy – We Are The Sun - SICK INDIVIDUALS Remix
Sam Laxton – Right Now - Original Mix
LE YOUTH – Dance With Me - Jacob Plant Remix
Twitch – Rage
Garmiani – Nomad - Original Mix
Konec – Ritual
Zedd – Stay The Night - Featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore / DJ Snake Remix
K Theory – Knock Knock
Dodge & Fuski – Stop What You’re Doing - The McMash Clan Remix
Lets Be Friends – FTW
Culture Code – Pulse Fiction
Karetus – Battle Royale
Volatile Psycle – Slick Rick - Original Mix
Matroda – Message From Titan - Original Mix
FarfetchD – 2 Into 1 - Original Mix
Oxylice – MGRTT - Original Mix
Supreme – Pull Up - Original Mix
Buku – Click Clack
S-Type – You Da Best
Royal-T – Koopa Shell
Trendsetter – Go-Go Dancer - The Cheetah Trap Remix
DJ Snake – Turn Down for What
Antiserum & Mayhem – Hustle
Dillon Francis – Get Low
Dumb Flex – You Make Me Smile
Notixx – Unruly (feat. Messinian) - Notixx Remix
Plastic Shell – Moron - Original Mix
T-cubeprojects – 1999 - Original Mix
Kid Panel – Bumble Bee - Freefall Collective Remix
Knight Riderz – Nostalgia (feat. Sergio Flores) - Knight Riderz Remix
Far Too Loud – Doomsday Machine
Crazy Daylight – Thunderstruck - Original Mix
Anamanaguchi – Prom Night - Lindsay Lowend Remix
Big Gigantic – From Dusk Till Dawn
Invictous – Stank - Original Mix
Psy-Fi – Fortune
Rogue feat. Meg Dean – Cataclysm
Disprove – Ratchet Tank
Ajapai – The Force of Impact
Naked Fish feat. Sue Gerger – Fall
Skope – Neon Gangster - Original Mix
The Buildzer + Nah + Coppa – Goes Off - Instrumental
Neosignal – 1000 Volt - Posij Remix
The Crystal Method – 110 to the 101
The Glitch Mob – Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)
Mutated Mindz & Dubfreq – Target
Newham Generals – Passion
The Upbeats – Predator
Modman – You Fat Bitch - Original Mix
BOP – Enjoy The Moment - Shivaxi Remix
Monsieur Adi – What’s Going On? - ShockOne Remix
NickBee – Night Stalker - Original Mix
DJ Chap – Cybernetics - Decimal Bass Remix
Sick Individuals – I Am - Nu:Tone Remix
Black Sun Empire – All is Lost - Memtrix Remix
State Of Mind – Mr. Cover Up
DEAD BATTERY – The Devil’s Signature - Original Mix
Teddy killerz & Nphonix – Burnin’
Sinister Souls – Limit - Original Mix
Rusty K – Riot
Royalston – Jungle Gone Down
Cloud 9 – Lights
Party Ghost – Waiting
Cubism – Just About That - Original Mix
North Base – Fright Night
040 – Let It Be Known
Com Truise – Subsonic
Ital Tek – Re Entry
Lana Del Rey – Ride - Special Request Remix

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Calling all DNB heads, all Junglists, if you’re on Spotify and haven’t listened to these playlists then you’re missing out. Here’s Number 40.


Cyantific – 88 Mph
Fragz – Abduction Theories
The Prototypes – Abyss - VIP
Actraiser – After Dark
Mayforms – Aint No Love - Original Mix
Chase & Status – Alive - Mefjus Remix
Sid Batham – All Lies - Brookes Brothers Remix
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis - Noisia Remix
Alphabet Pony – Atoms
Medicin – Autumn Attraction - DJ SS remix
Version – Backbone
Mutated Forms – Best Served Cold VIP
Black Sun – Black Sun
Mediks – Blown Away - Raise Spirit
HavocNdeeD – Blue - Original Mix
Skaylz – Brainwash - Original Mix
Linden Jay – Break the Hold - Rollz Remix
Need For Mirrors – Bubble Wrap
Rollz feat. Katie’s Ambition – Burn Up
DC Breaks – Burning - Original Mix
Kasper – Collective Matter
Matrix & Futurebound – Control - Matrix & Futurebound’s S.T.F.U Mix
Callide & Intraspekt – Crowd Control
Cyantific – Cyantific Dub
Shrust – Deadly Venom
Ed West – Dem a Fight (feat. Parly B) - J-Man Jungle Remix
Fanu – Dirt
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – Don’t You Forget It
Loadstar – Dr. Karg - Abstr4ct Remix
Loadstar – Eat My Tears - Rene LaVice Remix
Cain Mos – Echo
Blackman – Eclipse Solar
Mystific – Eleven Note - Original Mix
Hoogs – Enemy Dead
LM1 – Evolver - Original Mix
Shufunk – F.E.A.R
Agressor Bunx – Fade To Black
Krafty Kuts – Feel Like Jumpin - Ed Solo Jungle Remix
DJ Spice – Feels Good
Squidla – Fire Hazard - We Bang Remix
Marvel Cinema – Free Your Mind - Original Mix
Shadow Child feat. Takura – Friday - The Prototypes Remix
Viniselecta – Ganja Smoka - Ricky Tuff Remix
Kasper – Give In - Original Mix
Misanthrop – Greed of Gain
Mob Tactics – Grotbags
Need For Mirrors & HLZ feat. DRS – Gunga P
6Blocc – Gunman - Original Mix
Cabin Fever Uk – Hard Goin
Drum Cypha – Heat Signatures
Braincrack – I See You - Original Mix
Cyantific – Ice Cream
Maztek – iMaz
Bazil – Isolate
Medicin vs ZyZ, Ruffen & Jssa – Juzzy - DJ SS remix
Prestige – Looks Like You Know Nothing
Maztek – M Theory
Flat T – Mind Implode
Cyantific – Mirador
Krafty Kuts – Monkey Dance - Ed Solo Jungle Mix
Marvel Cinema – Motion - Original Mix
Hybrid Minds feat. Jasmine Spence – Mountains
Soligen – Nearfield
Loadstar – Need You - Frankee Remix
Kasper – Nepsis
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Nicaragua
Divine Elements – Night Fall - Original Mix
Keeno – Nocturne
6Blocc – One Dub - Original Mix
DC Breaks – Pickett Line
Majistrate – Play It Safe
Version – Playin that
Neonlight – Power Hour
Electrosoul System – Reflecting on the Past
Original Sin – Return of the Overfiend
Majistrate – Ruled
Joel Compass – Run - High Contrast Remix
Random Movement & Jaybee – Say
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Serious Business
Emperor – She Said
Shrust – Shiva
Blu Mar Ten – Somewhere
Tango – Soundboy Dub - Original Mix
State Of Mind – Spastic Audio - Mindscape Remix
Cabin Fever Uk – Strangest Feelings
Medicin – Summer Drummer - Rollz remix
Original Sin – Superman
Misanthrop – System Crash
Amaning – The Getaway
NickBee – Third Entity
Chris.SU & Mindscape – Timerider
Fanu – Too Blessed to Be Stressed
Vospi – Too Fast to Age (Love Vip Version)
Prisoners Of Technology – Trick of Technology - Sub Zero VIP Mix
DLR – Tugboat
Sub Focus – Turn Back Time - Metrik Remix
Jabro Grow – Twist
Brains – We Are One (feat. Sian Evans) - Chris.SU Remix
DLR – We’ll See
Basher – Weep - Original Mix


Mix # 15, Tracks 19—21

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

19). Kill The Noise (part 1)Kill The Noise

This brings us up to right now and the music that’s in my DJ box at the moment. As well as still playing D&B and Dubstep, I’ve been incorporating other genres and especially more experimental producers. Electrohouse, Moombahton, Trap, Filthstep feature heavily as well as tracks like this that skip between a handful of genres. It seems that although dubstep may have peaked, it’s already evolving into something else. 

20). We Can Make The World StopThe Glitch Mob 

With dubstep evolving it’s also good to see other sub genres thriving. Glitch Hop production has improved dramatically, and again with huge crossover appeal seems to be heading into the mainstream, The Glitch Mob surely will take it to the next level with the release of their long awaited album 

21). ScabblerTipper

This track sums up where I think things are going, it reminds me of Aphex Twin, mixed in with dubstep production and glitch hop beats.  



Mix # 15, Tracks 16—18

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

16). Midnight Request LineSkream

Although I’m still highly involved with the D&B scene, ( I compile this playlist series Strictly Drum And Bass… Part 29 )I also found myself drawn into the burgeoning dubstep scene in late 2005 and I think this track sums up everything about where the genre came from and where it was going.

17). Go Tell ThemBenga

Obviously dubstep seems to be everywhere right now, but the sounds of the originators seems to have been lost and instead replaced by DJs playing faster tracks with old skool rave samples (yet again), there are plenty of artists out their making decent dubstep, but it seems it’s younger more energetic brostep brother is winning over a bigger audience, I enjoy both and at the last festival I went to I found myself in the dubstep tents all weekend long, in fact I got so lost in the music that I didn’t even step foot in the D&B arena.

18). DigidesignJoker

The speed of the music (140bpm) reminds me of the speed of the early rave tracks that I first got into, and with the lack of vocals I think this track mirrors a lot of the reasons why I started to enjoy electronic music in the first place. Joker and his ‘purple’ sound is probably my favourite style of dubstep, as it’s deep, bassy & musical, which a lot of producers seem to ignore nowadays.



Mix # 15, Tracks 13—15

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

13). Trail of SevensPendulum

After the early years of the millennium had passed and dance music had become mainstream, there were still a few sub genres that were keeping below the radar. Jungle had become Drum & Bass in the mid 90’s but had rarely gained much attention, until a certain act showed up on UK soil.

Pendulum played with the genre and brought in various influences and would eventually outgrow the genre that made them, but not before releasing D&B classics such as “Trail Of Sevens”, “Another Planet” and “Vault”.

14). Mass Hysteria (Hive Remix)Bad Company UK

By this point the superclubs had all gone belly up and all night raves were back in, although club nights at Air in Birmingham or at the End in London were still highlights. Drum & Bass had been adopted by the world and was no longer just confined to the UK, the Internet and the ability to send music digitally across the world was about to end the concept of the Underground once and for all. 

15). All The ThingsDillnja

The man who created the nastiest basslines and hardest drops, also was responsible for making the loudest sound system in the UK. His VLV sound system was phenomenal and crushed my ribcage on half a dozen occasions, it’s something I wish still did the rounds today as I’ve never experienced bass quite like it before or since 



Mix # 15, Tracks 10—12

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

10). SandstormDarude

With his background in making Happy Hardcore it’s no wonder this track crossed over so well, getting multiple hardcore bootlegs until people weren’t sure if it was a trance track or hardcore track. It’s mainstream success during ‘99 was down to the influx of trance acts in the UK that continued the decline of the hardcore scene.  

11). Gouryella (Short Extended)Gouryella

By the time this track was released I’d not been to a rave in almost a year as the superclubs had taken over. The all night raves had been replaced with weekly club nights for a fraction of the cost and everyone was going mad for trance, commercial success came thick and fast as the UK and mainland Europes charts were dominated by acts like Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, ATB and many more.  

12). Meet Her At The Love Parade (Fergie Mix)Da Hool

As well as trance their was also a small sub genre that emerged albeit briefly before burning out in the early part of the millenium. Hard House took elements of trance, along with old skool rave samples (Frank De Wulf and the Belgian sound in particular) and wrapped it all up in the structure of house music. It was a genre of music that I got into due to it’s old skool roots, but got bored with as the genre became stale and unimaginative like Happy Hardcore had done before it. 



Mix # 15, Tracks 7—9

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

7). Sample ManiaDJ Seduction

By the time I was studying for my final exams at school, the lighter side of rave music had morphed into hardcore or as it became known, Happy Hardcore. I attended my first rave at the age of 16 and spent the entire night dancing to the sounds of Seduction, Vibes, Hixxy, Dougal, Slipmatt amongst others and all totally drug free. Something that is a lot harder than I imagined as people on a chemical high can seem to dance forever. The music was on the verge of gaining commercial success, but with the lack of radio airplay and only a handful of successful mix compilations produced only one act touched upon the promised land. 

8). Heart of Gold ‘98Force and Styles

Force & Styles were the biggest thing in Happy Hardcore, their live sets with MC Junior were also something to behold, but as I said earlier they only touched on mainstream success. This track, being their greatest and probably also the genres highpoint only peaked at No. 55 in the UK charts.  

9). Shooting Star (Force and Styles Mix)Bang!

The genre peaked in ‘98 sadly as another form of music began to take over, in fact Happy Hardcore began to steal elements from this other form to stay relevant, replacing piano breakdowns with euphoric trance breakdowns and ditching the chunky sounding kick drum along the way, hardcore had gone soft. 



Mix # 15, Tracks 4—6

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

4). Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix)Prodigy

If things had turned out differently both of these groups would be known worldwide. Top Buzz at the time were the big thing on the rave scene, playing at all the major raves, illegal or otherwise. The Prodigy became the first rave band however when they gained mainstream success with ‘Charly’. Although this isn’t the best example of Top Buzz (Living In Darkness would be their highlight) it is sadly the only track that is on Spotify thanks to being a b side to The Prodigy’s ‘Wind It Up’. The members of Top Buzz went on to DJ seperately, Mikee B became part of the Dreem Team that were big in the garage scene and Jason Kaye was also involved in the garage scene, they still play as Top Buzz but only at Old Skool events. The Ratpack were also pretty high up on the list, but never quite managed the success of The Prodigy. 

5). Here Comes The DrumzDoc Scott

Once the music went mainstream and everyone had heard ‘Charly’ and ‘Trip To Trumpton’ the media accused The Prodigy of killing rave by gaining too much success. It was more to do with the goverment cracking down on the illegal warehouse parties and forcing a lot of promoters out of business. During this time the country was in the midst of recession so the music took a decidedly dark turn. Dark or Jungle Tekno as it was also called was not euphoric, featured horror samples and was so far removed from the mainstream that the scene managed to lose media interest and go back to doing what it did best albeit at now legal raves. The rave scene split into two camps, happy and dark and DJ’s would only play one style, this eventually led to promoters only using certain DJ’s and Jungle was spawned.   

6). Inner City LifeGoldie

During this time the media once again started showing an interest. Which was good for me as I still had to rely on people buying my music for me (only just into my early teens) which meant I could listen to Jungle on the radio, I could find Jungle compilations in the shops after being TV advertised and best of all Goldie released an artist album. He might have gone on to become an actor in James Bond films as well as being an author, composer and graffiti artist, but manipulating breaks, beats and basslines will always be what he’s best known for. 



Mix # 15, Tracks 1 — 3

Theme: Nyk’s Musical Journey

1). Oxygene (Part IV)Jean Michel Jarre

When I was a very small kid growing up in the 80’s, all I had for music was my parents playing old 60’s/70’s records and whatever was on the radio, it didn’t leave me with much choice and back then I really didn’t like music. I’ve never been impressed by guitars or vocals, to the point where a riff or certain vocal would normally get a reaction from someone I’d remain not impressed. It was when my Mum gave me a cassette that she had bought for her that she didn’t want that I finally ‘got’ music. It’s an album I don’t recall the name of, but it contained about 10-12 synthesizer tracks and Jean Michel Jarre was right there at the start. Considering it was a track made in the late 70’s it sounded futuristic at the time, despite being almost a decade old. 

2). Acid ThunderFast Eddie

After deciding that music was in fact good, I started to get into electronic music. Sadly at the time, electronic music was a sub-genre that was mixed up with drug culture and therefore very hard for a kid to get hold of. I managed to use my powers of haggling at car boot sales to buy tapes that had cool looking often 3D rendered graphics on, that way I could pretty much guarantee that it was electronic music of some sort. It might not be what I wanted but early compilations such as Deep Heat provided me with enough decent electronic music until the commercial rave explosion which was right around the corner.

3). The TapeFrank De Wulf

I had this track on about 20 different tapes and this provided the soundtrack to many after school adventures. My friends started getting into it to and thankfully the City I lived in was quite a hub for the growing rave scene, still too young to go to raves though I found a hobby that was cheap and also highly addictive. Flyer collecting. Notable mention also to Joey Beltram “Energy Flash.”