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Just a few of my mixes that are available to stream on Mixcloud

Was trying to workout why my follow count had gone crazy in the last 12 hours…

Strictly BASS… 52

Soundroppers, we’re gona have to get creative and get us a whole TOP 40 of Dubstep.

Listening online now in the STRICTLY DRUM AND BASS ROOM.


Join us and vote and add either the freshest tunes or some old skool classics.

(And don’t worry if you see this late. I might not be online, but the room will stay active 24/7)

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One of these sites will vanish if SOPA becomes law. Good riddance ebay for selling counterfeit goods. frauds. at least tpb gives us it for free. 

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A Rough Guide To Filthstep, Brostep, Gorestep & Beyond - Various Artists.

Spotify Playlist Link

Dubba Jonny – A Brief Tutorial On Vip Production (Vip) - Vip
C99 – Alien Depression
Lonestar – Amplify
Reso – Armored Core
Sinister Souls – Ascension - Loop Stepwalker Remix
Le Castle Vania – Awake - J.Rabbit Remix
Evil Bastards – Bartender
Doctor P – Big Boss
Underhill – Blind - Balkansky Remix
Deathface – Bloodrave
Excision and Downlink – Blue Steel
Cookie Monsta – Blurgh!
MSTRKRFT – Bounce - Doorly Remix
Jogo – Bunny Rabbit
Crookers – Business Man - DZ Remix
16BIT – Chainsaw Calligraphy
Tomba – Choke On Coke
Rrrump – Chubby Decker - J.Rabbit Remix
Peckers – Clones
Tecbloc – Control 25 - Original Mix
Diesel – Control Freak
Borgore – Delicious - Instrumenal Mix
The Abomination – Direction Unclear
xKore – Domination
Murdok – ED209
Wonkap – Fireman
16BIT – FRZR9000
Fabian – Fucking Bitch
Rednek – Game Over (Original Mix)
Orbatak – Ganja - Mr. Wesh Remix
Wickaman – Get Mad - Dubstep Mix
Cookie Monsta – Ginger Pubes
Stepsonics – High Voltage (Original Mix)
Pixel Fist – Horrible
Dr. Ozi – Hubba Bubba - Original Mix
PropaTingz – Hustle Hard
Slum Dogz – In The Hood
Reso – Ishimura - Evol Intent Remix
Kromestar – Jabber Jawz
Tomba – Jaws
Counterstrike – John Carpenter’s Theme
Ivory – Jonny 5 - Dodge & Fuski Remix
CTwo – Justice Has Been Done
Skrillex – Kill EVERYBODY - Bare Noize Remix
Borgore – Love (Gagging Vip Mix) - Shift Recordings (Dubstep)
Noisia – Machine Gun - 16 Bit Remix
Roksonix – Madness
Caspa – Marmite
The Faun – Mashup
Sinister Souls – Mech March - Balkansky Remix
Suspicious Stench – Mega
Flinch – Midnight Hustle - Juggernaut Remix
Crissy Criss – Murder Tune - Original Mix
Dumbsteppaz – Nasty Jesus
Cellardore – Naughty Drugs (Original) - Original
Document One – New Danger
Bratkilla – New World Order
Envy – Normal - SkisM Dusted Off His Clown Suit Remix
Borgore – Nympho
Datsik – Overdose
Shekel – Persian Mayhem
KiRKUS – Pig Dog
Zomboy – Pump It Up
Cookie Monsta – R0807 D06
Evol Intent – Reality Check - J.Rabbit Remix
Dumbsteppaz – RIP - VIP Remix
Document One – Rising Higher
Crim – Robot
Jsaxton – Scorpion Style
Liquid Stranger – Shake My Ass
Bombaman – Skivvies In Your Bed
Mr Sleepz – Skunk Skank
Shekel – Slaughter VIP (Original Mix)
Bring Me The Horizon – Sleep With One Eye Open - Tek-One
Mr Sleepz – Spackified
Genetix – Squid Attack (Original Mix)
Kry Wolf – Stand Up - Bombaman Remix
Dash Total’D – Stranger
Filthzilla – Summer’s End
Amon Tobin – Surge - 16Bit Remix
Borgore – The Bitter Orchestra Girl
Skism – The Blank - 16Bit Remix
Sigma – The Jungle - FuntCase Remix
Antiserum – The Swarm
Mightyfools – Tonight - Rico Tubbs Remix
WhiskerTwister – Too Much Acid VIP
Shekel – Total Fucking War
D-Jahsta – Transmorph vip
Hadouken! – Turn The Lights Out - JFB Remix
Matta – Turning Tricks
Pixel Fist – Tweaky - Original Mix
Bare Noize – Twilight Zone
Kannamix – Typical Day
Biometrix – Ultrasound
Orien – Violent Outbreak
Badklaat – Wallace and Vomit
Eddie K – Who’s the Hardest
Torus – Wraith - Original
Excision – X Rated - Original Mix

If you’re currently on Spotify and you have the beta version, load up the soundrop app and join me in the EDM room. Any Electronic dance music from any era is acceptable, so no music snobs.

or use the Direct link


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Just finished watching. Seems like Spotify are going to be rolling out some apps on the desktop version. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a play with the new Last.fm, SMP, & Rolling Stones apps in the next few days.

They still haven’t improved the What’s New section, instead I still have to check out The Pansentient League to find each weeks new additions to Spotifys library. That’s surely something they should look into if they want to use their own coding as a music discovery tool instead of relying on 3rd party coders.


If You Live In either Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands or the US then you can experience Spotify today. US users can only join the premium service or be invited to the 6 month free service, where as the other countries can use the free service without…

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One of my most played albums at the moment

Spotify link

From now on all my spotify playlists will be playable in youtube, check the link for more details.